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Saint James Straw Pale Agricole Martinique Rom 40%

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Destilleri: Saint James Straw Pale
Alder: NA
Type: Argricole mørk rom fra Martinique
Alc. styrke: 40 %
70 cl.
Andet: Rhum Argricole - Saint James har AOC (Appellation dOrigine Contrôlée) betegnelsen, som kun gives rom, der produceres efter de højeste standarder på Martinique

Saint James Straw Pale Rhum
70cl / 40%
Argricole Rhum

Like many other rhums from this island, it carries the esteemed AOC mark (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) for Martinique rhum agricole, a strict standard of production, aging and labeling.

Rhum Saint James spirits are fermented from pure sugar cane juice in a continuous single distillation process similar to Armagnac, then aged in limousin and American bourbon cask for a number of years.

The moniker of this product could be translated as ageless. This medium bodied deep amber presents aromas of big bold vegetal and grassy tones, with hints of sherry, vanilla and wood. The initial taste is warm and slightly sweet, slowly revealing echoes of dried fruits, honey, spicy pepper and burnt sugar. The finish is long and satisfying like a bright cognac.

The Plantations St. James have been producing rhum since 1765 in Sainte Marie. The brand produces a wide variety of single cane rhums, white rhums, fresh and fruity amber rhums, rich and harmonious aged rhums.

When the French King, Louis XIV, banned the sale of rum in France, an enterprising priest moved to Martinique and founded Plantations Saint James, where he produced and sold his rum to the settlers in New England. Rhum Saint James was consumed from Williamsburg to Boston, and became the most popular West Indian rum in the American colonies before the American Revolution.

The St. James Rhum Museum offers free tastings and exhibits on the history of the rhum making industry on island.
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