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Plateau Gin

Plateau Gin

Plateau Handcrafted Gin Small Batch Tonny Svensson 70 cl 42,1% alc

Der er kun produceret 200 flasker af dette andet batch hvor ingredienserne nøje er udvalgt af Tonny Svensson og destilleret af Tevsjö Destilleri i Sverige.

New Danish private label Gin, with Cactus Fruit.

History of Plateau Gin.

After many years playing and making music around the world, Tonny Svensson had tasted lots of gins. Then he decided to make his own.
Plateau was conceived from his ambition to create a gin with an edge, blending unusual ingredients like cactus fruit, citrus, liquorice and even coffee with more regular natural products.
He found the perfect location to distill this gin in a cold, windy place deep in the Swedish forest with gleaming copper tanks and crystal clear water running from the mountains.
Enjoy !