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Jack Daniel's Honey Tennessee Honey Liqueur 35%

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  • Varenr.: 22227865486-6
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Destilleri: Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Liqueur
Alder: NA
Type: Tennessee Liqueur
Alc. styrke: 35 %
70 cl.

Gotta say, Jack Daniel’s knows how to launch a product. The sample bottle of its new honey-and-whiskey liqueur came in a refrigerated box, for no particular reason — it certainly doesn’t need to be kept chilled at all times — except that it is intended to be served cold.

Well, it’s been in my fridge ever since. I figure if they’re going to go to that kind of trouble, I better do as I’m told.

Honey+whiskey liqueurs have been coming out in absurd quantities over the last few years, so it comes as no surprise that JD would get in the game. Its version is as credible as anyone else’s: Honey kills the whiskey, but the whiskey leaves its mark. JD’s 70 proof version is pretty light on the honey — this is more of a smooth bourbon than a syrupy liqueur — but the adulteration makes it clear what the aspiration is here: Rocks, after dinner, maybe an ingredient in a cocktail.

The palate offers more than just honey: There is wood, vanilla, lavender, and notable lemon character as the finish fades away. Charcoal touches come on as the finish disappears completely. As honey liqueurs go, this has a lot going on, and that’s, as they say, a good thing. Who would’ve thought that in the realm of honey liqueur, it would be Jack that came up with the best of the lot.

Tennessee Honey Eggnogg*

1.5oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
1.5oz milk
10z heavy whipping cream
1/2oz sugar syrup
One raw egg

Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Grated nutmeg

Whisk the egg yolk together with the sugar syrup until it's the color of butter. Then gradually add the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, milk and cream. Separately, whisk the egg white until firm. Combine both the mixtures by folding in and chill in the fridge.
Serve and enjoy.

*Contains raw egg. Not suitable for chickens or anyone who is allergic to egg.

Hot Honey Toddy

1.5oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey
1 orange slice
1 lemon slice
Dash of sugar syrup
Hot water

Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Cinnamon stick

Place the fruit in the glass, then add the Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey and syrup. Carefully pour in enough hot water to nearly fill the glass and stir. Add a cinnamon stick to
garnish. Serve and enjoy.

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