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Pure Kentucky XO - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Willett Whiskey 53,5%

Pure Kentucky XO - Kentucky Straight Bourbon Willett Whiskey 53,5%
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Destilleri: Willett Disitillery - Pure Kentucky XO Bourbon
Alder: NA
Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alc. styrke: 53,5%
75 cl.

Pure Kentucky
53.5% Alc. By Vol. (107 Proof)
Color: Tawny
Nose: Intensity – 4; Black tea, cedar, musty, oak, spice, vanilla, sooty
Palate: Eucalyptus, earthy, more vanilla, cherry, rye grains coming to the forefront
Finish: Length – Medium to Long; Salty, maple syrup, woods – think Pacific Northwest rainforest
Overall Impressions: Spicy rye notes on this Bourbon Whiskey tickling the nose accompanied by leather and must… That wonderful vanilla (Big Vanilla!), followed by woods and farther
down the road a little salt.

Paducah Peppermint

1 oz. Pure Kentucky
8 oz. peppermint herbal tea
1 tspn. honey
cinnamon stick
candy cane


Steep peppermint tea in a mug for five minutes, pour in Pure Kentucky and stir in the honey using the cinnamon stick. Garnish with the cinnamon stick and hang a candy cane over the rim of the mug.

Pure Kentucky Manhattan Cocktail

2 oz. Pure Kentucky Bourbon
.75 oz. sweet vermouth


Pour Pure Kentucky, sweet vermouth and bitters into a cocktail shaker full of ice; stir for 30 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.
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