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Nikka From the Barrel - New Box Whisky Japan 51,4%

Nikka From the Barrel - New Box Whisky Japan 51,4%
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Destilleri: Nikka
Alder: NA
Type: Single Malt & Grain Whisky fra Japan
Alc. styrke: 51,4 %
50 cl.
Andet: Sammenblanding af Yoichi, Miyagikyou og 'grain' whisky

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A fascinating whisky made with Yoichi, Miyagikyou and some 'grain' whisky that isn't really grain - it's malt whisky made in a Coffey still at Miyagikyo! So this is really a vatted malt, or 'blended malt whisky' as we're supposed to call it these days

Tasted with Tante Anne. Her notes appear in quotes.


Bubble gum, dry sherry, and a zip of orange zest. Solo [Norwegian soft drink - ed.]. Evaporated milk, sweet caramel chews.
"Smells Japanese. Like old wooden Japanese homes" (She has spent a lot of time in Japan).

Minty sherry oak and plastic bags. Walnuts, raspberry seeds, delicious bittersweet notes like slices of Gala apples. Very dry finish with some pine and a cocoa smokiness.


Nose opened up with time and patience and made varied impressions. Water dulled the impact on the palate but helped discriminate between flavours. A very impressive package in a very impressive package. And another rich but affordable Japanese whisky. There is something Aberlour and Teaninich about it.

Tried it as a MIZUWARI [Lots of water and ice - ed.] and it was gentle, but with a surprisingly complex array of flavours from brioche to cherries to chocolatey smoke.
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