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Isle of Jura Tastival 1997/2015 Feis Isle 2015 Single Jura Malt Whisky

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Isle of Jura Tastival 1997/2015 Feis Isle 2015 Single Jura Malt Whisky 52%

Bedømmelse: 3.4 ud af 5 baseret på 10 stemmer
Isle of Jura Tastival 1997/2015 Feis Isle 2015 Single Jura Malt Whisky 52%
Varenr: 22227865399-316
Destilleri: Isle of Jura Tastival Feis Isle 2015
Alder: 18 år Distilled:1997 Bottled: 2015
Type: Single Jura Malt Whisky
Alc. styrke: 52 %
70 cl.
Andet: Kun 3970 flasker og kun 18 flasker til Danmark

DKK  1.599,00 v/ 1  Stk


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Isle of Jura Tastival 1997 / Feis Isle 2015 /Whisky Festival
70cl / 44%
Island Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distillery Bottling
Released for Feis Ile 2015. Only 3970 bottles. This unique “Bouvet Ladubay” Sparkling Wine Assemblage from Saumur commenced an “Auld Alliance” marriage on 3rd June 2011 before it was bottled in May 2015. The Sparkling Rose Wine barriques exclusive to Jura, originally contained 100% Cabernet Franc which lay in cask in Bouvet Ladubay’s chalk cellars for 9 months before they were finally shipped to Scotland for this loving marriage with our Jura Single Malt.

Tasting Note:
Colour – Glittering amber sunlight with flashes of crimson gold and cherry wood.
Nose – Elegant and refined. This noble spirit immediately excites and arouses your senses with its many seductive intriguing scents of Black Forest fruits, moist fruit cake, juicy raspberries and caramelised bananas. This ebullient fusion of fruit continues with layers of sweet raisins, tarte tartin, over ripe pineapple and brioche dipped in Manuka honey. A dusting of cocoa, Old Oxford marmalade and rich toffee completes this aromatic masterpiece.
Taste – Handcrafted to perfection, the long years in specially selected sparkling rose wine barriques from the chalk cellars of the prestige House of Bouvet Ladubay in Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France have truly nurtured and gently tamed this aged icon. You must therefore give it all the reverence it richly deserves by gracefully savouring it slowly over the tongue. The warmth of your palate will then help to release this rich treasure chest of pure liquid gold; black maraschino cherries, liquorice stick, treacle toffee and marzipan with a kiss of tangy Java coffee, balsamic and frangipan. This surely is destined to delight the connoisseur as further layers of ginger spice, glazed nectarines marinated in Marsala, muscovado and chocolate ganache brings the festival of flavours to a memorable close.

The enduring Spirit of Jura lives on!


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